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About us

Be Compassionate Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to ameliorating the long-term social, physiological and educational development of orphans, at-risk, and handicap children that are living in poverty in Nigeria.


Knowledge, acquired in the right environment and with the most appropriate tools, serves as a springboard that will launch each scholar to heights of success, entrepreneurship, and leadership. We aim to make a positive impact in the lives of our students by equipping them with tools needed to acquire a sound education.
Our activities include the following:
• Publicizing and organizing fund-raising events to garner donations from individuals, businesses, foundations, or governmental agencies
• Provide merit and need-based scholarships for orphans, at-risk, and medically challenged children in Nigeria
• Partner with educational institutions and other philanthropic organizations with similar objectives by donating books and educational supplies
• Provide counseling and mentoring services by paring scholars with professionals that can guide their decision-making.
• Ensuring a long-term monitoring or benchmarking of students’ progression and developing a ‘lessons learned’ approach to further improve our operations.